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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Osama Bin Laden .... Winning!

Osama Bin Laden was killed with the classic “double tap” to the chest and head. Translated, this means he was shot twice in short succession. Suddenly everyone on TV including the 100-pound spokesmodel pretending to be a reporter on Fox, is speaking SEAL lingo. Mainstream media is really pushing the hero thing. According to both my television and my computer, SEALS walk invisibly on water and spit the fire of God’s vengeance at these detestable Muslim self exploders under the strict direction of our Commander in Chief. As a result, Obama’s already high approval rating has, for now, climbed into the stratosphere for the successful “dispatching” of “Geronimo” and “E.K.I.A.” (Enemy Killed In Action). SEAL speak! See what I mean?

Note: This announcement came as a complete surprise to me since I had previously written an article wherein I stated that Bin Laden had been dead for nine years and that anyone who disagreed with me was a delusional war monger. I have since softened my position.

Crowds congregated at ground zero (translated, that means where the twin towers fell) and Times Square to cheer at another human being’s death (admittedly that of Osama Bin Laden’s) with a fervor usually reserved for the radical fundamentalists they despise.

Interestingly enough, most of the people the author saw gathered in celebration would have been anywhere from 5 to 8 years old when the tragic events of 911 unfolded. I wondered what loss or trauma these revelers had suffered especially given their age and inappropriate (in my mind) glee.

But then, who can blame them? Look at our Commander in Chief, who despite “not wanting to spike the football” (a very telling statement in and of itself) has been drilling the pigskin into the turf at every opportunity, using the killing as an “applause getter” at every public outing since the “event” occurred. It’s only logical that God would choose sides against his own creations and facilitate the death of the filthy Muslim ones…right?

This kind of thinking is brought you by the patriarchs who won’t show us the pictures of a dead Bin Laden. We can see film of regular folks who never knew who killed them or why, jumping out of the south tower every night on cable tv, but Bin Fucking Laden with a bullet in his head will freak us out? How’s that? Uday and Qusay looked good with bullets in their heads, why not Bin Laden? Congress got to see it! WTF? Btw, who’s paying for this? If I’m paying millions of dollars to get fucked I’d at least like to have pictures, hell I want a video and not the animated snuff film I saw on MSNBC. I digress…

My point is that this kind of morbid curiosity/high five-ing does not bring out the best in us. Agreed? Throw some middle-east garb on our revelers and who could tell the difference. I was raised to believe Americans are better than that. Clearly we’re not.

A Catholic parish recently came under criticism for adding Osama Bin Laden to its weekly prayer request list as printed in the parish news letter. Many parishioners were outraged and refused to pray for Bin Laden. The story made the mainstream news along with the opinions of average citizens as interviewed on the street. Most were openly hostile at the thought of praying for the soul of Osama Bin Laden whilst claiming to be Christians. Apparently they forgot about Jesus’ clear instructions to love and pray for one’s enemies, or maybe not. How one can claim to be Christian and have no forgiveness in his/her hearts for his/her enemy, even in death, is beyond me. Jesus certainly would not approve.

President Obama will surely be re-elected on the strength of having killed Osama Bin Laden. This says a lot about American voters and a lot about Barack Obama. The fact is Mr. Obama has done virtually nothing to fulfill his campaign promises and has blatantly carried on with the Bush doctrine/agenda. Mr. Obama has proven himself a corporate puppet who works for the banks and Wall Street…period. Examining his record of leniency on banks with regard to TARP money and his failure to enact appropriate regulations, combined with his inability to create jobs leaves little room to characterize Mr. Obama as a success.

Former Obama supporter and pre-eminent African American Princeton Professor Cornel West recently described the President as “…a black mascot of Wall Street Oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats” and also went on to say that the President “…lacks backbone”. The failed economy, high unemployment and massive home foreclosures give undeniable weight to Professor West’s words and reflect the general consensus of many liberals.

Most Obama detractors, unlike Professor West, don’t care what color Obama is, they just think he sucks. Where were Obama’s “comfortable shoes” when Wisconsin State workers needed the President to fulfill his campaign promise of marching beside them should the need arise? Obama has done almost nothing to help pass the failed DREAM Act and currently deports more people than any president in history. I know because I am currently fighting deportation, despite being a 50 year legal permanent resident and despite the fact that I am being prosecuted completely without legal cause. Many mainstream liberal pundits now openly describe Mr. Obama as “a colossal failure/disappointment in almost every regard”. Inexplicably, many progressives stand obediently by the President fearing “someone far worse from the right will become President”. Sadly, this is the thought process that currently defines the electoral process in America.

It’s time to quit high five-ing and congratulating ourselves on killing Osama Bin Laden and move on to an honest assessment of where we are at as a country and as a people. It is a stunning fact that we are in the worst economy since the Great Depression. Our infrastructure is falling apart. We’re deporting people that don’t deserve it, separating families in the process. Gays are openly persecuted with unconstitutional bills that sometimes become law before getting the kibosh from the Supreme Court. Medicare is under attack as well as any and all social programs including education. Something Barack “Mr. Education” Obama has done nothing meaningful to address. Nor will he. Instead, he will continue to spew his hollow promises of “change we can believe in” while consistently under-delivering or not delivering at all. Unfortunately the “smoke” created by Bin Laden’s killing will probably not clear in time to reveal Mr. Obama for the colossal failure he truly is, relegating the country to four more years of “change” that never materializes.


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