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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Demand to be Executed. An Open Letter to the DHS.

I, Mike Burrows, being of sound mind and body, wish to exercise my right as a legal permanent resident to die in this country. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is demanding my removal to a country which for all reasonable purposes is foreign to me. I will never be allowed to re-enter, and I will never see my children or my loved ones again. This is a clear violation of the Constitution‘s “cruel and unusual punishment” clause as my life would be unlivable away from my children, my loved ones and everything I’ve ever known or cared for.  As such, it could potentially create legal exposure and embarrassment for the DHS in the future.  

In order that the government not violate the constitution, and that I not suffer “cruel and unusual punishment”, in the alternative, I propose that the United States government execute me by lethal injection. If I may not be allowed to live in the only country I have ever known, I propose that it is far less cruel and much more humane to execute me. I will sign any waivers necessary to facilitate my execution.

I propose to the government that my execution is in the best interests of the government, in that my voluntary waiver of deportation in favor of execution will indemnify the government of any possible future liability and will insure my constitutional rights are not violated i.e. “cruel and unusual punishment”.

Mike Burrows


  1. The link to the petition doesn't show up very well. I had a hard time finding it.

    I sincerely hope that you can get this sorted out soon.
    Penny, Tx.

  2. Thank you, Penny. I just changed the link color to black so it shows up much better now.

  3. This whole thing is terrible. I'm very sorry.

  4. I feel your pain Mike; I am myself in the same situation for three years now; I had to choose to endure domestic violence for the fear to be deprived from my right to be part of my three daughters lives, until I decided that I wasn't going to allow USCIS or DHS govern through the life lessons I want to educate my daughters on. I left that marriage, and I am here alone, teaching my daughters that our dignity as human beings is more important than any fear, specially when you know you didn't do anything purposely wrong!
    I pray for your case, mine, and hundreds others to be solved sooner than later, as it put us to live in the limbo of the uncertainty.