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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Epitaph for Change or WTF Happened to Obama?

I can honestly say there have been few times in my life when I felt as hopeful as I did the day President Obama won the election on the platform of “change” and “hope”.

America could finally leave the Bush years behind along with the misguided policies that had divided the people, ruined the economy, and driven us into two wars, arguably neither of which is winnable. We could now undo the past, and move into the future with a learned scholar and man of the people at the helm. We could stop fighting/making real/imagined enemies. Things were going to be different now! This was going to be a new era of equality for minorities, immigrants, women and most of all, regular working people or as then candidate Barack Obama called them “The backbone of America”. Mr. Obama assured us it would be a long and tough road but if we kept hope alive, change would come.

It’s been two years now since Barack Obama took the oath as president. Lately I’ve noticed my fellow Democrats and I are having trouble looking each other in the eye when the subject of Barack Obama comes up. I’ve further observed that conversations about “change” and “hope” have all but dried up. Fewer and fewer of my fellows speak about “Obama” with any enthusiasm. In fact, I am hearing former starry-eyed supporters such as myself mutter under their breath with bewildered dissatisfaction. Some are down right pissed. I count myself among the latter.

It seems no one wants to be the first “Obamatron” to say what many of us are thinking, so allow me; OBAMA SUCKS! Ok, not as bad as Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh…but what happened to “change we could believe in”? Let’s be honest (finally), this guy is a colossal, megalithic, disappointment, period. It seems to me the only change in the oval office has been that the butt currently parked in the “big chair” is swaddled in a better grade of designer fabric than its predecessor. Doesn’t help me, or anyone I know for that matter. Oh yeah, and he’s got a better looking old lady than the last puppet leader. Again, that doesn’t help me or anyone I know.

Undoubtedly some of my Obamatron friends will angrily shout “What about the health care bill?” I can only shake my head in disbelief and wonder if they’ve read the bill. I have. It was written in large part by major insurance companies and it reflects it in spades. In short it does nothing, and I mean nothing to address the health care of this nation’s citizens and especially the poor, whom it victimizes with penalties aimed at people who cannot afford health insurance, so it’s business as usual except for one thing; It's always been an unwritten crime to be poor in this country, now we have punitive mandatory health insurance laws to make it official. Thanks President Change and Hope.

For those of you who are still unconvinced, a short list of President Obama's “accomplishments”:

1.Completely botched “health care bill”.
2.Record numbers of immigrants in detention.
3.Continued with, and enshrined virtually all Bush administration policies. (Pretty dishonest for a guy who campaigned on change).
4.Record number of marijuana arrests and supports criminal penalties for possession. Odd, since these kinds of laws frequently target minorities such as African Americans, a fact Obama is well aware of.
5.Never closed Guantanamo Bay as promised.
6.Didn’t end the war in Iraq for two years after promising it would be one of his first acts as President.
7.Reneged on his promise to end “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”.
8.Never made good on promised home foreclosure relief. Many American families lose their homes as a result.
9.Contrary to his assertions as a candidate, he’s been completely ineffective as a bipartisan leader.
10.He didn’t even try to rally his own party to support the public option or single payer health care that he spoke so much about on the campaign trail, as well as conveniently forgetting a multitude of campaign promises (space constraints prohibit listing all of them).

I assure you; no one could be sadder or have more egg on their face than I. I cringe in horror when I hearken back to my misguided enthusiasm for Mr. Obama. Frankly, he’s no Jack Kennedy or Bobby Kennedy or Ted Kennedy or (I reckon) their personal assistants.

Let’s face it, we fucked up. This guy is not up to the task, and he’s more than proven it. And yeah, this means the Democrats are doomed for the next two elections (at least), but what are we going to do? Should we continue to support a totally ineffective yet smooth talking, made-for-TV President who is clearly no leader? No, we cannot. Democrats are going to have to take their lumps, and the relegation to the non-ruling party that accompany these kinds of boners. There’s no way around it. You can spray all the cologne on this you want and it still smells like failure, but remember, this is an epitaph for change not hope.


  1. The president is not in charge.
    The power comes from farther back, past the banks, see Carlin touches on it.
    The US was incorporated years ago, is under the influence of another system. Check it out.


  3. I share your frustration. Noboday can disappoint like an ally - Clinton did it in spades.

    But in this crappy game of politics we still have to defend against more Republican-led disasters. We must continue to vote for the better of the two dung heaps. There really is a difference between the Dems and the Repubs.

    It's not what we want, but it is real. And there are consequences.

  4. I don't like your personal plight at all (I'm not sure how you can blame Obama directly for it), but cherry picking a particular group of things you don't like about what he has or hasn't done isn't any more fair than what Republicans do. For a fairer view of Obama's accomplishments relative to his promises, look here:

  5. How can I hold Obama accountable? Immigration enforcement is a direct function of the executive branch of the Federal government. Obama is the Chief Executive, btw.

  6. I understand your passion regarding immigration enforcement. Of your list of non-accomplishments and agree with 2, 9 & 10. Obama did end US combat mission in Iraq which is what the Iraqis insisted on. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, i.e. Obamacare, is a major legislative accomplishment. Much of what is done in a President's first year is based on political realities, mostly the tactics of the GNOP, but also Blue Dog Dems. Obama is very much a Centrist, but ran on a Left of Center Agenda. The Righties say he's a Socialist and voted in droves to derail Obama's Agenda. Actually, Obama and the Dem Congress accomplished more in the first 20 months than ever before. Perhaps you have seen "What the heck has Obama done?" or the list of 212 Accomplishments.

  7. he's exceeded Bush/Cheney in extra constitutional reach - eg, claiming the power to assassinate U.S. Citizens anywhere, anytime without due process

    he has also (via Exec Order) gone beyond Bush/Cheney in granting exemptions to supplying arms to countries enslaving Child Soldiers (yemen and somalia) against the UN Convention on Child Soldiers and Bush/Cheney restrictions